preview show 2023

every year, we are confronted with new categories of durga puja Art and artists, displaying ever newer templates of contemporary Art and design, diverse and creative enough to rival any international Art biennale, though perhaps not yet positioned as such. commercial promotion and sponsorship have kept pace with the explosion of Art, making far-reaching changes to the very nature of the festival.

while the creativity comes from artists and Art designers, the work of setting up and decorating a pandal, or transporting the idols from the place of production to pandals, is still mostly done by a hired workforce.

our preview show is a journey through the entire process, from conception to the final outcome. using cutting edge audio-visual techniques, we provide an immersive experience that will leave you with unforgettable memories of bengal’s largest festival, and convince you of its rightful claim to being the world’s largest public Art exhibition. even international names such as suvaprasanna, jogenchowdhury, and samiraich have entered the fray at various times, along with professional Art directors from cinema, commercial and graphic artists, and even textile designers.